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Get in touch today to make an appointment.

Your pets will thank you for it!


At Veterinary Dermatology Specialists we are dedicated to helping pets with itchy, irritated skin and ear conditions. Additionally, we treat a variety of other skin, ear, hair, nail and mucous membrane conditions spanning across wide disease categories including but not limited to allergic, infectious, parasitic, auto-immune and skin tumour classifications.

We are West-Australian owned and were proudly founded by a group of three Veterinary Dermatologists, who each shared a common vision. This vision is to provide a veterinary dermatology service, which focuses on what matters most – you and your pets’ comfort. Our teams emphasis is on providing a tailored, yet practical therapeutic plan for your furry family member and individualised, easy to understand advice for you as the pet owner. Uniquely, all of our veterinarians are specialists in the field of veterinary dermatology so you know your pet will always in the most capable and caring hands.

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