New Client Questionnaire (Horse)

Welcome to the Veterinary Dermatologist Specialists family!

Please complete the questionnaire online below, it helps us help your horse.

Or, if you prefer, download the PDF version and email completed form to

Does the horse travel?

Is this the first time your horse has had a skin/ear/hoof/mane/tail problem?

Is your horse itchy?

If you answered yes, does your horse scratch, lick chew or rub any of the following areas? Please tick all that apply:

Is this problem seasonal?

Has your horse experienced hives before?

If you answer YES to being seasonal, which seasons?

Are there any other animals on the property?

Any other animals on the property affected?

Are any humans in contact with the horse affected?

Do any relatives of the horse have skin issues?

Is your horse taking any medications currently?

Has your horse had any adverse drug or vaccination reactions before

Are symptoms any worse when:

Do you use routine insect control for your horse?

Has your horse been on a food trial?

Has your horse had any previous illness, surgery or trauma

Does your horse exhibit any of the following?

Can we take photos of your horse and use them on our social media, website or for teaching?

Do you or your horse have an Instagram or Facebook account we can follow?