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We are the lucky owners of a beautiful Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel named Sabella, who turns 7 this year. Unfortunately our baby suffered health problems, including serious skin issues and an autoimmune disease that took some time to diagnose.

In July of 2017 we were introduced to the services of a talented veterinarian dermatologist by the name of Sharon Bryden.

Since that time our Sabella’s quality of life has improved immensely thanks to Sharon’s passion for her profession, expansive knowledge and experience.

Recently Sharon has embarked on a new business venture based in Osborne Park. Along with two other like-minded veterinarian dermatologists they have set up “Veterinary Dermatology Specialists”.

Sharon is a gifted specialist who relates beautifully with her animal patients, and builds a wonderful rapport with their owners. We have total respect for this dedicated professional and highly recommend her and her partners to anyone looking for dermatology services for their pet.

We wish the team at Veterinary Dermatology Specialists every success in their new venture, and thank you for the ongoing care towards our Sabella.

Carroll & Ray, Leeming WA

Pictured: Sabella

Thank you to Dr Sam and Dr Sharon without you I don’t think [Monty] would have got through his terrible allergies. Out of 65 items he was allergic to 48 of them. Thankfully Dr Sharon did the ASIT injections to desensitise him and we were very luckily accepted for the trial of Apoquel. Poor Monty used to cry when clawing and chewing his skin when he was really bad. He got through it with the expertise and care of these wonderful vets. We can’t thank you enough. Real Pet Insurance have also been fantastic. So thank you he wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for you.

Sandy, WA

Pictured: Monty

After our mini dachshund, Gus, experienced an episode from a bee sting, we were referred to Veterinary Dermatology Specialists for bee and wasp testing. We found he was highly allergic to bees and Dr Fiona Scholz discussed desensitizing treatment for Gus. A lot of people suggested getting an EpiPen but we’re not with him 100% of the time to be able to administer it if he was stung and we didn’t want to take the risk of another episode while we weren’t home.

Gus loves sunbaking in the backyard and hiking, so for us, desensitizing treatment was a really good option. Gus has completed the treatment and he’s no longer reacting to bee venom which is a huge relief with spring around the corner.

Thank you to the team at Veterinary Dermatology Specialists, especially Dr Fiona and Gus’s favourite nurse, Rowena.

Kim, Wembley WA

Pictured: Gus enjoying life on his venom immunotherapy

The Veterinary Dermatology Specialists team have been extremely professional and supportive with our dogs bee & wasp venom allergy. The team has been very friendly & encouraging and we hope the treatment is successful so our dog can resume a more normal day to day life.

Thank you for all your guidance and help with this complex health issue.

Sherilyn, Floreat WA

Pictured: Darcy